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Welcome to the Milligan College's 2016 United Way Campaign. Thank you for choosing to support United Way of Elizabethton/Carter County through Easy Payroll Deduction!

Simply complete the form below and you will receive an electronic acknowledgment of your pledge.

To make a one-time donation by credit card, please click here.

Questions? Contact Josh McKinney (United Way) 423-543-69 or the Milligan Personnel Office  423-461-8712

Notice: This form is for Milligan College employees only.

If you selected "Other" please complete the following:

Please multiple your "per month" pledge times 12 to get the total. For example $26 x 12 = $312

The United Way Community Investment Fund is the most powerful way to invest your contribution. A group of local volunteers from your county will review program grant requests from United Way affiliate agencies to determine how to distribute Community Investment Funds. To select this option, click on the circle next to "Community Investment Fund." (See a listing of our current agencies.)

If you prefer, you may designate your contribution to a specific affiliate agency partner.

You have the option to choose to send your donation to another United Way or a non-affliate 501c3 non-profit by selecting the circle next to those options.  Then be sure to provide the name of the United Way or non-proft in the comments section at the bottom of this form.

If you selected "Affiliate Agency Partner" above, please specify the agency you wish to support by selecting it here. If you would like to support multiple agencies, please specify the names of the agencies in the Comments section below.
Please provide information about who or what you are recognizing, including their address in the comments box below.

By clicking on the "Submit" button you are authorizing Milligan College to process your payroll deduction.


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